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Author: efm Posted at: 02/24/2004 2:34 PM
Calc 3/8 (Math), Engs 10, Phil 9 books!
I'm looking to sell/trade the following books that I own
*Calculus - Stewart, 5th edition (for MATH 3 and 8 Calculus)

*The Environmental Ethics & Policy Book - VanDeVeer & Pierce (for PHIL 9 Environmental Ethics)

*Information Technologies in Medicine - Akay & Marsh, Volumes 1 and 2 (for ENGS 10 Biomedical Informatics)

*The Color Purple - Walker (for ENGL 5 with Grantham)
*If You Want to Write - Ueland (for ENGL 5 with Grantham)
*No Sweetness Here - Aidoo (for ENGL 5 with Grantham)
*Interpreter of Maladies - Lahiri (for ENGL 5 with Grantham)

*Pattern Recognition - Gibson (signed by author, uncorrected proof... this was summer reading for '07s)

All books are in very excellent condition (like new). I will be needing materials for the following courses during spring term 2004, and therefore willing to trade:

SART 16 (Sculpture I)
BIOL 16 (Genetics)
PHYS 7 (English Seminar "Searching for Life in the Universe")

Please email me with any questions at efm@dartmouth.edu, or simply blitz "efm". First come, first serve... as long as the price is right :)

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Message  Calc 3/8 (Math), Engs 10, Phil 9 books!
efm 02/24/2004 2:34 PM  


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